About Abigail on an Adventure

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About Abigail on an Adventure

Each book in the Abigail on an Adventure series follows the protagonist, Abigail, as she dreams of far-flung adventures with her favorite animals. As she drifts off to sleep holding one of her “stuffies,” Abigail finds herself in a new place where the real-world version of her stuffy takes her along on a whimsical escapade to see something new. Learn more.

Abigail’s character is based on the author’s four-year-old daughter, who – just like Abigail in the books – loves seeing new things and making new friends. Follow along as Abigail explores, overcomes obstacles, and creates lasting friendships that are sure to stand the test of time.

All books include 30 full-page color drawings and contain short-form, large-print text intended for parents and children up to about age nine.

About the Author

Jeff Fabian is a professional writer who lives in Charleston, South Carolina.

Jeff Fabian