More Information for Parents, Educators, and Librarians

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More Information for Parents, Educators, and Librarians

Abigail on an Adventure is a children’s book series that features a strong female lead character. In each book, Abigail falls asleep clutching one of her favorite stuffed animals and awakens in a dream where she immediately befriends the real-world version of her “stuffy”. Abigail and her new animal friend embark on an adventure together, seeing sights, making discoveries, talking about what they see, and reaching their destination just in time to make it back to where they started.

In many of the books, Abigail and her animal friend are forced to overcome an unexpected obstacle during their adventure. Abigail either troubleshoots or relies on her animal friend’s local expertise to come up with a solution. In the end, Abigail and her animal friend achieve their goal, building a strong bond along the way.

Each character brings something to the table; and, while Abigail relies on her animal friends to help guide her through their habitats, she is very much the lead character. Children will enjoy getting to know Abigail and her engaging personality, and they will learn from how she interacts with her new friends and the world around them.

Jeff Fabian